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Automation Development Applying Tasks Mechanization Commonly

Automation Development Applying Tasks Mechanization Commonly

In recent times, automation development has been applying to tasks that would otherwise be impossible. While it is true that the word mechanization commonly used to describe the simple substitution of human labor for machines, the term automation typically refers to the incorporation of machines into self-governing systems. Automation has changed the world that it has implement, and no part of modern society has untouched by it.

In 1946, the automotive industry coined the term automation to describe automated production lines and equipment. The term’s beginning believed to be due to D.S. Harder, who was an engineer director at Ford Motor Company in the early days of. However, it is also use outside of manufacturing, in connection with other technologies. These include various other technologies that involve an almost complete replacement of electrical, mechanical or computerized actions in favor of human efforts and the ability to think.

It can defined as a technology that can automate the process by using control commands that are program. This is couple with automatic feedback to ensure that the directives are execute correctly. The resultant system can operate without the intervention of humans. The advancement of this technology is more dependent on the use of computers and related technologies.

This article will cover the basics of automation, such as its history, the concepts and theories of operation, the applications it has for manufacturing and certain industries and services essential to our daily lives, and the impacts on individuals and society at large. The article also examines the evolution and the technology behind robotics as an important area of automation. For more related topics, check out the computer sciences as well as data processing.

The Development Of Automation In The Past

The automation technology is a result of the area that is mechanization which saw its origins in the Industrial Revolution. Mechanization refers to the substitution that humans or animal power by mechanical power in any shape or form. The primary driver behind mechanization is humankind’s tendency to design machines as well as machines. Here are a few of the key technological advancements in mechanization and automation that led to advanced automated technology.

Early Stages Of Developments

In the beginning, men made instruments from stone to manage their physical strength with the help of their intellect. Basic mechanical devices such as wheels, levers, and pulleys created over thousands of years. These devices and machines enhanced the power of human muscles. Electric machines powered by electricity did not require human strength to operate. Examples of these machines are windmills and waterwheels as well as simple steam-driven machines. Around 2,000 years ago the Chinese invented trip-hammers that powered by flowing water as well as waterwheels.

The first Greeks tried out simple reaction motors that powered through steam. A mechanical clock represents a complicated assembly that has an internal generator a weight invented around 1335, in Europe. Windmills with mechanisms to turn the sails automatically invented in Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages.

It was the steam engine was a significant step in the evolution of powered machines. It also was the catalyst for the start of the Industrial Revolution. In the two centuries following the invention of the Watt steam engine, powered engines as well as machinery created. These engines and machinery get their power from electricity, mechanical, chemical, and nuclear energy sources.

Another significant development in the development of automate technology is the Jacquard weaving machine see image which proved the idea of a machine that could be program. Around 1801, in the year 1801 French creator Joseph-Marie Jacquard created an automatic loom that could produce intricate patterns on textiles by controlling the movements of several shuttles with different colored threads.

In steel cards where holes punched, a computer program selected patterns. The cards are the predecessors of the cards made from paper and tapes used to control modern automated machines. The idea of programming machines was further refined during the late 19th century.

Modern Developments

Numerous significant advances in various fields have taken place in the 20th century. These include the development of the digital computer advancements in data storage technologies and software for writing computer programs. In addition, the advancement of technology for sensors, as well as the development of mathematical control theory. These developments have all led to the development of automation technology.

Since the development of the ENIAC electronic numerical integrator and computer in 1946, and the UNIVAC universal automatic computer at the time of its release in, the control system for automation has become significantly more sophisticated and the calculations associated with it are performed at a faster rate.

The advent of integrated circuits in the 1960s sparked an era of miniaturization in computer technology. This has led to computers that are smaller and less costly than their predecessors but are capable of processing calculations at much higher speeds. This trend is illustration in the present by the microprocessor. This is a tiny device that is that can perform all the math and logic functions of a huge electronic computing device.

AI is a specialized area in the field of computer science that is where computers are designed to display characteristics related to the human brain. This includes the ability to learn the language, understanding, reasoning and solving problems, making experts diagnoses and similar cognitive abilities. Advancements in artificial intelligence are expect to equip robots as well as other intelligent machines with the ability to communicate with human beings and accept precise instructions instead of the precise step-by-step programming instructions commonly found in modern programmable devices.

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